About The Artist

It was evident to me from a young age that art is a reflection of life, and life is enhanced in so many ways through art. This belief was nourished over the years as I grew to understand the depth and importance of art history and the world of fine art.

Appreciating art all over the world – at the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Uffizi Gallery, Vatican Museums, British Museum, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, and so many others – fed my fascination. My travels led me to Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny, bringing a breathtaking appreciation of how one’s surroundings can lend endless inspiration.

A series of art classes transformed my artistic perspective. I found the creativity I had devoted years earlier to photography and interior design evolving to include new and exciting art forms. Along the way I found myself drawn to watercolors and pastels, still life and portraiture, landscapes and architecture.

Inspiration abounds in my environs along California’s stunning Central Coast, from Santa Barbara to my hometown of San Luis Obispo and northward to Cambria and the Monterey Peninsula. Seascapes along ‘America’s Riviera’ are natural subjects for my art, as are the endless rolling hills, wildlife, and fascinating beauty of the region. I have made a pilgrimage to all 21 historic missions along California’s Mission Trail, which has influenced my art series depicting missions, their commonality, and their distinct and sometimes nuanced differences.

We paint our lives in different ways. For me, life has to be vibrant, exciting, and new. Whether painting in Tuscany or California, I find that art speaks to me in ways that support these life imperatives. Through my pastels and watercolors, I hope my art speaks to you as well.

Watercolor Journal
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